Swing with your soul means listen to the rhythm of your intuition and vibrate with it.

In a natural surrounding you can recharge and find calmness.

Combined with Yoga or any other activity, that gives you peace of mind, this will be an experience that will reconnect you with your heart.


Our goal is to live with nature and respect nature as much as possible and to share our knowledge and passion with others. When we speak about nature we also speak about the true nature in ourselves. 

Casa San Tomé is a wonderful place for spiritual retreats and for experiencing a natural way of living.

We are working toghether as a Team. We grew up at Casa San Tomé and fell in love with this magical place. 

In our garden we grow vegetables, fruits and herbs according to the principals of Permaculture. We make our own jam, pesto, sugo, spices and herbal teas and are constantly learning and educating ourselves on nutrition, natural healing and spirituality.

Greta loves to travel and got inspired by many different cultures. She fell in love with Zanzibar and would also love to share the wisdom of that magical island with others.

We do our best to spread love and awareness into the world.


Greta and Lorenza